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". . . beautiful melodies, wonderful harmonies and the sounds of more instruments than any ordinary three people could play" –Helen Sherman, Wild Woman Radio

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Crossing Borders
Time and Again
Other Places, Other Times
Down by the Sally Gardens
A Place Just Right

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Crossing Borders: Music of Many Lands
Our most recent CD includes a cut (My Horses Ain't Hungry) that was named "one of the best songs of 2005" by Indie Acoustic! Genres range from Klezmer to Celtic to Scandinavian. Instrumentation includes fiddles, concertina, mandolin, guitar, 6-string banjo, hammer dulcimer, baritone fiddle, banjolin, piano, percussion, and vocals. Download from iTunes.

Rigged Ships (Shetland) [Listen]
Greek Medley [Listen]
Lebedig un Freilach (Klezmer) [Listen]
My Horses Ain't Hungry (Appalachian song) [Listen]
Blizzard Hambo (originals in Swedish style)
Cape Breton Medley

Randy's Polkas (Irish)
Grandparents Medley (Klezmer originals)
Rasbitaya Gisn (Russian)
My Dixie Darlin' (American)
Merriweather Medley (American, Irish)
Box Turtle Medley (originals, Scottish)

Time and Again
This album won a bronze award (third place) from Crossroads Music Awards in the Acoustic Instrumental category! Includes Klezmer, Gypsy, Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Irish, Scottish, Danish, French, and American, plus original tunes with instrumentation: fiddles, concertina, mandolin, banjolin, bouzouki, guitar, hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltery, piano, bass, percussion, and vocals. Download from iTunes.

Minka (Bulgarian) [Listen]
Waynesboro, Shenandoah Falls (American)
Bumblebee Sirba (Klezmer) [Listen]
Peg Ryan/Toormore Polkas (Irish)
Bourees/Polka with Teeth (French / by Rachel Hall)
Charlie Lennon's/Reddigan's (Irish)
Reba's Waltz (by Linda Littleton) [Listen]
In Memoriam (Gypsy)
Glendi ke Horos (Greek)
Eli Green's Cakewalk/Frank's Tune (American)
Coilsfield House (Scottish) [Listen]
Bitte Mand i Knibe (Danish)
Little Moses/Grand Picnic (American)
Woody Knows Nothing (American)
Fifth Brew (by Karen Hirshon)
Romanian Swing (Romanian)

Other Places, Other Times
Klezmer, Romanian, Bulgarian, Irish, English, Scandinavian, Israeli, and American, plus original tunes performed on two fiddles, concertina, flute, clarinet, recorder, mandolin, guitar, hammered dulcimer, piano, bass, and percussion. A companion sheet music book is available. Download from iTunes.

Hora Bucovieni, Perinitza (Romanian)
Skochne (Ukrainian)
Sean Ryan, Bank of Turf, Mug of Brown Ale (Irish)
Romanian Hora, Kolemeike (Klezmer)
Next Year in Jerusalem, Mel's Melody (by Linda Littleton)
Titanics Undergaang (Finnish)
Waters of Holland, Easter Thurs., Barnham Down (English)

Bonaparte Crossing Rhine, Midnight on the Water (American)
Durang's Hornpipe, Dorsetshire Hornpipe (English)
Father Kelly, Coachman's, Bean a'ti ar Lar (Irish) [Listen]
Blizzard Hambo, Northwind (by Rachel Hall)
Milk and Honey, Wedding Frailach (Israeli, Klezmer)
Buchimish (Bulgarian) [Listen]
Fisher's Hornpipe (American) [Listen]

A Place Just Right
Traditional and original tunes from or inspired by Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Israel, and America. Instrumentation includes violin, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, flute, recorder, banjo, guitar, viola da gamba, accordion, and bass. Download from iTunes.

Wind that Shakes the Barley (Irish) [Listen]
Nathan's Song, Hoshaya (by Linda Littleton)
Jonah's Waltz (by Steve Schneider)
Sally in the Garden, Soldier's Sorrow, Murphy's Bird (American)
Well Hall, Jamaica (English) [Listen]
Schottisch Gersoise, Bezem Dans (Flemish)
Valse Petit Dejeuner (French)
Daphne, Bolt the Door (English)
Second Anniversary Waltz (by Linda Littleton) [Listen]
Carolan's Draught (by Turlough O'Carolan)
Zachary Duncan (by Steve Schneider)
Simple Gifts (American)

Down by the Sally Gardens
Simple Gifts' first CD includes traditional folk melodies from Ireland, England, and America with Renaissance and classical influences. Instrumentation: violin, mandolin, recorders, banjo, guitar, bowed psaltery, and viola da gamba. Download from iTunes.

Down by the Sally Gardens (Irish)
Lord Lovat's Lament (Scottish)
Liberty, St. Anne's Reel (American)
Amelia's Waltz (Bob McQuillen), Boys of Bluehill (Irish)
Margaret's Waltz (by Pat Shaw)
Miss Nancy's Delight (English) [Listen]

Rodney's Glory (Irish), Timour the Tarter (Scottish)
Great Silkie (English) [Listen]
Packington's Pound (English)
Off to California, Rights of Man (Irish)
Heartsease, Greensleeves, Female Saylor (English)
Hole in the Wall (English)
Ashokan Farewell (by Jay Ungar)

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